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Rack-mount Include PLC Splitter

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| Rack-mount include PLC Splitter

> Summary

Generally PLC Splitter installed 19 inch rack-mount for protection against change of temperature and moisture, And customized manufacture. It is very helpful to various FTTH system.

> Features

  1. Customized production
  2. Passed GR-1209&1221-CORE Test
  3. High reliability and Low insertion loss
  4. various type, suggest and provide of structures for FTTH system.

> Applications

Various FTTH system, LGX

> Material

Metal or Aluminum

Rack-mountable include PLC Splitter
19 inch Rack-mountable Integrated type PLC Splitter
32ch integrated type
PLC Splitter (Black case)
Termination box for outdoor
Termination box for outdoor
Termination box and accessories for outdoor